Domestic manufacturing deduction for oil

this deduction is available to many businesses but as far as I can tell it is not available fore ethanol .. hmmmmm
geological amortization of 7 years

is oil specific ethanol does not do geological amortizations

This is actually the first one that I realized was not normal business so then I started to dig more

Percentage depletion for oil wells
sorry to copy and paste from this publication

Percentage depletion is one of the best tax benefits available to oil and gas investors. It is a deduction without having an actual expense to back it up. reduce your current income by 15% just because the IRS said you could. That is exactly what this is. Like most things related to oil and gas accounting, calculating percentage depletion can be challenging. Lucky for you, I've identified all the pieces you need to know about, and I don't mind sharing.
For oil and natural gas producers, percentage depletion is a small producer issue. Percentage depletion is only allowed for independent producers and royalty owners. It is calculated by applying a 15 percent reduction to the taxable gross income of a productive well's property

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